Success Shipping considers sustainability the fundament of doing business. At Success Shipping, sustainability means we operate a sustainable company in a sustainable way.

Success Shipping Sustainability Policy

The Success Shipping Sustainability Policy is based on the following principles:

  • Deliver sustainable transport and logistics solutions and methods focusing on environmental cost efficiency and service quality thus helping improve long term quality of life.
  • Minimising the impact of our offices and transport activities on the environment.
  • Stimulating awareness of and commitment to the environment with our staff and other stakeholders.
  • Compliance with all applicable legislation, regulation and codes of practice.
  • Creating sustainable partnerships with customers and suppliers.
  • Built to Last – ensure Success Shipping S.A generates sustainable profits to allow re-investment and continued development of the business in order to serve customers and community also in the future.
  • Provide a safe, healthy and motivating working environment for our employees.

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